Help! My Hair is Falling Out

Help! My Hair is Falling Out

Help! My Hair is Falling Out

Should I stop using hair extensions?

First, hair extensions will not cause extra hair to fall out if cared for properly. Every person loses hair on a daily basis. This is normal. You should always get hair fitted by a trained professional and use the correct products when caring for them. Hair extensions add length and volume to your hair.

Second, when you remove hair extensions you will see some of your natural hair fall off with it. This is common. But don’t freak out. Did you know the average person loses 50-100 hairs per day? So, it’s only natural that some of your hair will come off. Just take a look at your hairbrush.

The hair that you would naturally shed everyday will get trapped within the bond of your hair extension. If you wear your hair extension more several days then you would have several days worth of natural hair loss stuck within the bond. So, when you go to remove it, yes you will see a lot of hair come off with it. But, that’s okay!

Third, if you wear your hair extensions for a long time you will eventually become accustomed to having thick, volumized hair. You may forget what your natural hair feels like. So, don’t be surprised when you take your hair extensions out. It’s not hair loss, it’s just lighter, less full.

Last, if the amount of hair loss becomes alarming then consult a professional that can examine your head. These people should be someone reputable and trustworthy. Try to get references from friends and local businesses who may have used them.

There are many hair care products that can help relieve the stress from your hair. Make sure you stock up on the correct products for the type of hair you are using and keep up with the maintenance of caring for your hair everyday.

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