The Perfect Lace-Front Wig Is Possible!

The Perfect Lace-Front Wig Is Possible

The Perfect Lace-Front Wig Is Possible!

Have you been searching for the perfect lace-front wig?

Well, it seems someone on Instagram may have found it! Yes, a perfect lace-front wig is possible, at least that is what Porscha Weeks claims on her Twitter account. Don’t believe us? Check out these pics.

So what’s the secret? It’s not about the wig, but how you put it on. So simple. And yet, not everyone can achieve this perfect look. Read this article from Allure where Weeks explains what she does for her clients.

Chances are you won’t be able to book an appointment with Miss Porscha Weeks, but she is currently on a worldwide tour to teach hairstylists how to create the perfect lace-fronts.

Jealous, yet?

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